Getting you Website done is a tedious process, Yes you can actually go with the online freebies but does it get the results you want. Let Myteam do it for you. We are experienced web team that has been growing with the internet since 1993.

With us, you will get a personalized website. Trained people will monitor it for you and make it work for you THE CLIENT.




Our packages are attractive and affordable. Grow as your need requires it. Don’t waste time, let us show you the power of the Internet.





Basic Package: RM2500.00

·         Customized URL (Web address)

·         2 GB Disk Space

·         10 GB Bandwidth

·         Host 1 Addon Domain

·         E-Mail server

·         Database server

·         30 ready web  engines

·         2 customized forms

·         2 weeks completion



·         Customized forms with auto reply                            RM500 each

·         Google Ad words                                                              RM1200 per month(3 months minimum)

·         Full customized website                                                RM2000-RM3500

·         Classes                                                                                 RM250 – 5 people max

·         Full feature programming                                            Call for rate